Nothing Is As It Seems

Compulsion  – Nothing Is As It Seems (TCB Records, 2018)

Adam Taubitz: violin, Marc Ullrich: trumpet, Simone Bollini: piano, Dominik Schürmann: bass, Christoph Mohler: drums

1. NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS 5:07 (Adam Taubitz) 2. PASCAL’S TRAIL 5:32 (Dominik Schürmann) 3. DAYTRIP 6:39 (Marc Ullrich) 4. JAZZ PEOPLE 8:05 (Dominik Schürmann) 5. BUZIOS BEACH 5:30 (Adam Taubitz) 6. UPTOWN SONG 7:19 (Dominik Schürmann) 7. BASLER BLUES 5:36 (Simone Bollini) 8. RELAXIN’ WITH NIGGI 6:13 (Dominik Schürmann) 9. FOG OVER LAKE KAWAGUCHI 5:13 (Adam Taubitz)

Relaxin' With Niggi (Dominik Schürmann)

Uptown Song (Dominik Schürmann)

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