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On the bat‘s back

Ingmar Kerschberger Quartett – On the bat‘s back (2012)

Ingmar Kerschberger: altosaxophone, Markus Brodtbeck: piano, Dominik Schürmann: bass, Lucio Marelli: drums

1. On The Bat's Back (Ingmar Kerschberger), 2. Walzer Von Der Vogelweide (Ingmar Kerschberger), 3. Sun & Earth (Ingmar Kerschberger), 4. Lady Bert (Ingmar Kerschberger), 5. About April (Ingmar Kerschberger), 6. First Song (Ingmar Kerschberger), 7. It Could Happen To You (J. Van Heusen), 8. On A Clear Day (B. Lane)

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