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Once Forever

Sam Burckhardt – Once Forever (2006)

Sam Burckhardt: tenorsaxophone, Oliver Friedli: piano, Dominik Schürmann: bass, Stephan Felber: drums

1. This Can't Be Love (L. Hart/R. Rogers), 2. Once Forever (Sam Burckhardt), 3. Soul Eyes (M. Waldron), 4. Day By Day (S. Cahn), 5. Tune For Floyd (Sam Burckhardt), 6. Time After Time (S. Cahn/J. Styne), 7. Samba Ease (Sam Burckhardt), 8. The Villa On A Hill (Sam Burckhardt), 9. Bobolink (Sam Burckhardt), 10. Prisoner Of Love (L. Robin/C. Gaskill/R. Columbo), 11. There Is No Greater Love (M. Symes, I. Jones)

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