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The Basel Sessions


European Jazz Meeting – The Basel Sessions (2024)

Max Ionata: tenor saxophone, Martin Sasse: piano, Dominik Schürmann: bass, Frits Landesbergen: drums

  1. European Jazz Meeting (comp. Martin Sasse), 2. Bahama Bullit Train (comp. Frits Landesbergen), 3. It's Me (comp. Max Ionata), 4. For Lovers (comp. Martin Sasse), 5. Hans Free (comp. Frits Landesbergen), 6. Isla's Happy Hour (comp. Dominik Schürmann), 7. Naru's Waltz (comp. Max Ionata), 8. Victor's Bar (comp. Frits Landesbergen), 9. Cruisin' With Frans (comp. Frits Landesbergen), 10. That's It (comp. Max Ionata), 11. Fritsie's Cup Of Tea (comp. Frits Landesbergen)

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