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Dominik Schürmann Trio – Forever (2024)

Tilman Günther: piano, Dominik Schürmann: bass, Samuel Dühsler: drums

    1. Drifting (Dominik Schürmann), 2. Ms. G.R. (Dominik Schürmann), 3. Phyllis (Tilman Günther), 4. Little River (Dominik Schürmann), 5. Silver Linings (Dominik Schürmann), 6. Always And Forever (Pat Metheny), 7. Você Abusou (Antonio Carlos Marques Pinto & Jose Carlos Figueiredo), 8. November (Dominik Schürmann), 9. Autumn Breath (Dominik Schürmann), 10. Beach Life (Dominik Schürmann), 11. Offroad (Dominik Schürmann)

 CHF 20.– inclusive postage and handling


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